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Watch The World Cup At Your Leisure

Watch The World Cup At Your Leisure

Watch The World Cup At Your Leisure


The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is in full swing, and many die-hard fans are intoxicated by "soccer month." In the event of a power outage, the fantastic game is suddenly interrupted, the moments of the favorite team can not be recorded, the mood suddenly drops to freezing point, and depression is inevitable.



How can this be avoided? Quite simply, with the outdoor energy storage iGo3600 given to Foxtheon Energy, the problem is solved!



It has a capacity of up to 3.6 kWh and can be on for 12 hours continuously TV.
It has an ultra-large capacity cell with a capacity of 3600Wh. In addition, this energy storage power station has an output power of 220V AC 3000W, a pure sine wave, and does not damage any electrical equipment.
We calculated that the power of the general LCD TV is 200W-350W. In the event of a power failure, connected to this energy storage power supply, 3600Wh large capacity, can support the playback of TV for 12 hours continuously, without any delay in watching the World Cup.



Fast charging speed, 1-2 hours to fully charge

The iGo3600 outdoor power station offers three modes: mains charging, solar photovoltaic panel, and onboard charging.
The most common mode is charging via the 220-volt mains. When the input power reaches 3000W, it takes only 1.15 hours to charge to 100%, and the storage tank fills with 3.6 degrees of current - so fast that it beats out the vast majority of outdoor chargers on the market. And the average family does not have to be so short. Foxtheon Energy iGo3600 energy storage power station's standard charging power of 2200W, usually 2 hours, can be fully charged without delaying the subsequent use.


There are many sockets, plug, and play, convenient and fast

Foxtheon iGo3600 outdoor power station has 12 output sockets, compatible with various household charging interfaces and UPS and type-C interfaces. No matter what kind of TV outlet, the TV receiver interface can be perfectly consistent, plug and play, and very convenient.



It is safe at home

 iGo3600 outdoor power supply high-safety solid-state cells, according to strict puncture tests, very safe during use.
The BMS battery management system detects the temperature, high-precision power, power balancing algorithm, etc. Finally, it achieves high and low-temperature protection, overcharges and over-discharge protection, dynamic battery charging speed control, automatic battery power balancing, high-precision display power indicator, battery condition detection, and other safety functions. The performance of the power supply is greatly improved.

Equipped with the battery management system, you can handle the safety of this outdoor portable power bank when you put it at home. You can use it boldly and confidently and enjoy the pleasure of sports.




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